Product Detail
LC1P96F Vertical Engine with EPA
Description: See below
Code: LC1P96F
Specification: 608cc
Mode           LC1P96F
Engine type Single cylinder,4stroke, forced cooling ,OHV 单缸、四冲程、强制风冷、顶置式气门
Displacement          608cc
Bore×Stroke           96mm×84mm
Net power           11.5kW/3600rpm
Net torque           36 N.m/2600rpm
Idle speed           1800±150r/min
Compression ratio           8.7∶1
PTO shaft rotation Anti-clockwise(from PTO side)逆时针(从输出轴端看)
Ignition system Transistorized magneto ignition 晶体管无触点点火
Starting systemElectic-start 电启动
Lubrication systemPressure and splash lubrication 飞溅润滑+压力润滑
Governor system          Centrifugal mass type
Air cleanerSemi-dry,dual element 半干、双滤芯
Oil capacity          1.6L
Fuel tank capcity          无
Net weight          35Kg
Dimension           465×434×331mm

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