Product Detail
YB-18J  YB-20J Tillers and Rototiller
Description: ZS1105NZS1110N diesel engine
Code: YB-18J  YB-20J
Specification: Diesel Power Mini-Tiller
Model of Power TillerUnitYB-18JYB-20J
Structure weightWithout rotavatorkg488503
With rotavator498513
Working weight (with rotavator)kg533548
Turning speed of rototilling shaftrpm188/300
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)mm2680 x 1030 x 1250
Number of bladesPCS24
Rototilling widthmm800/900
Type of tractorSingle axle, dual-purpose for both traction & drive
Travelling speedForwordKm/h1.4,2.5,4.1,5.3,9.4,15.3
Reverse1.1, 3.8
Type size
Wheel trackmm800, 740, 640, 580(normally use 800)
Min. ground clearancemm185
Min. turning radiusm0.9(with no rotavator)
Model of engine
Type of engine
Horizontal 4-stroke
Bore x strokemm105×115110×115
Total displacementL0.99591.0931
Compression ratio
Turing speed of crankshaftrpm2200
1-hour rated outputKW/hphp13.34/18.1514.7/20
12-hour rated outputKW/hp12.13/16.513.23/18
Specific fuel consumptiong/kw.h≤246.2≤244.8
Specific lube oil consumptiong/kw.h≤2.00≤1.47
Cooling mode
Condenser (Radiator)

Main farm implements (optional)

100-640 Anti-skid steel wheel Model 100-640
1LS-220 Double-furrow plough Model 1LS-220
1LS-220Y Disk plough Model 1LS-220Y
1LYQ-320 Power driven disk plough Model 1LYQ-320
8Y-80 Sprinkler Model 8Y-80
4GL-130 Swather/reaper Model 4GL-130
7C-1.5 Trailer 7C-1.5 (Standard)
7C-1.5BH Trailer 7C-1.5BH (Hydraulic dumping)

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