Product Detail
Handy Vibrator Poker
Description: See below
Code: ZMC25-ZMC35
Specification: Handy Vibrator Poker


●The vibrator is driven by single phase motor, all kinds of voltage and all stardand of plugs are availabe.
●Force is transmitted by flexible shaft, speed increased through planet structure, then gain high frequent vibration.

● Convenient and comfortable to operate due to the design of the motor and light waight
● Double-insulation for the motor enhance the safe operation greatly
● Working with the single phase power supply, very suitable for individual use.
● Always easy and convenience to handle and operation.
ModelZMC25-1 ZMC25-1.5 ZMC25-2 ZMC35-1 ZMC35-1.5 ZMC35-2
Dia.of vibrator head(mm)252525353535
Vibrating Frequency(Hz)260240220300280260
Dia.of Flexible Hoseoutside242424303030
Dia.of Flexible Shaft(mm)888101010
Hose Length (m)11.5211.52
RemarkMainly carried by handy concrete vibrator.
Specifications are subject to customers’ requirement and continuous product development.

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