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34ton Kinetic Log Splitter 6.5hp Petrol BM11038
Description: See below
Code: 34ton Kinetic
Specification: 34ton Kinetic Log Splitter 6.5hp Petrol BM11038

34ton Kinetic Log Splitter Features:

This log splitter, also named kinetic log splitter is powerful and efficient, suitable for hard timber;

This petrol log splitter can generate up to 34 tons splitting force powered by 6.5 HP engine;

This kinetic log splitter can cut log up to 710mm long and 600mm in diameter;

The ram on this log splitter will return automatically, ready for the next splitting action.

This log splitter comes with two big wheels, easy to move around;

Towing attachment to vehicles for easy transport

Model34ton log splitter kinetic log splitter
Work force34 Ton
Max. Log length710 mm
Max. Log diameter600mm
Average cycle time3 seconds
Tractor requirementsN/A
Weight195/233 KG
Bed height635mm
Wedge height6.25"
Wedge width7/8 in. (22mm)
Flywheel weight25kg
Flywheel diameter18.25" (463.55mm)
Flywheel Max. RPM400 RPM
Tires16 in.

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